The aim of the Exchange Programme 2020-2022 is to share knowledge and scientific quality, and to stimulate and strengthen collaboration and cooperation between health care professionals in European Reference Networks (ERN).

Knowledge sharing and stimulating collaboration between health care professionals in European Reference Networks (ERN). That is the aim of the Exchange Programme 2020-2022, funded by the European Commission.

ERN TransplantChild awards this grants to healthcare professionals who are currently dedicated to paediatric transplantation and wish to pursue a short-term training stay in any of the 40 health care providers (HCPs) members or affiliated partners of TransplantChild:

  • to learn clearly-defined methods, techniques, treatment application, diagnosis, etc. useful for the research or work at home by visiting another centre.
  • to improve the knowledge and practice in paediatric transplantation under the scope of TransplantChild.

The costs of the exchanges (travel costs, travel insurance, per diems for subsistence costs) are covered, research institute Ecorys will take care of all the logistics. You need to connect with other members to make a concrete ‘visit plan’ with the content details of the exchange. An exchange can take place for at least 5 days. If you are interested in participating, contact us at [email protected].

Read the special newsletter issued by ECORYS, the company in charge of managing the exchange programme, to learn more:

All exchanges must be fulfilled by 31st January 2023