• Could you please explain which has been your government lockdown policy?

No lockdown in Sweden, recommendation for social distancing.

  • How has the hospital activity changed to adjust to the pandemic?

Mostly on the adult side, arrangement for extra ICU beds, elective procedures paused, increased staffing at pediatric ED adjusted to the need, however fewer patients than usual coming to pediatric ED.

  • And what about Paediatric activity? How has it been affected?

Elective procedures suspended e.g. no transplants now for no-vital indications (thalassemia)

  • Which has been the decisions about donation and transplant program at Lund University Hospital?

For a time period decision about the harvesting of back up marrow and not starting conditioning for HSCT until the frozen graft (stem cells) is shipped and stored at our blood bank, considering prioritizing of matched unrelated donors from Sweden and Germany first.

  • How paediatric transplant has been affected by these changes?

Not specifically affected – but we have relatively low numbers.

  • How have you managed the outpatient care for paediatric transplanted children?

As usual. Some communication/control visits via video.

  • In your opinion, what are the main issues that may arise in the short term due to these both in transplanted or waiting list children?

Obtaining the graft from COVID hard affected countries.

  • In your opinion, is there any special measure for these patients that should be put in place now that the healthcare activity has begun?

Healthcare activity in our department has not been suspended. No special activity for this group och children is necessary/planned. Transplants for no-vital indications will be planned after the summer.